Made at MCAD 2016 — Branding for the annual all student juried exhibition.The "Made at MCAD" is composed of different styles of typefaces to loosely represent the different concentrations coming together as whole for the Made at MCAD show.

Photography by Lindsey Kusterman

In Words and Pictures — Branding for an exhibition, that highlights the accomplishments of thirteen Minnesota women artists who intertwine word and image to create notable children’s picture books. "Words" & "Pictures" are illustrative to represent the denotation of the word.

Walker Art Center Teen Council Postcard — Designed to promote the WATAC deparment.

Summer Youth Program 2016 — A catalog for MCAD's CE Summer Youth Progams. The catalog was designed for parents and teachers.

Link—Link—Link — is a workshop book created to express the playfull outcome of form making. Each book comes with a tote.

Academic Censure — Branding for an exhibition that analyzes relationships of power between investor (student) and product (education). Exhibition pictures coming soon!

Origins — People (including myself) don’t really know too much about their culture and heritage. The purpose of this project is to start a dialogue, and to get people to think about the importance of culture and heritage and its rapid disappearance in contemporary culture. The projected image is a result of collected interactions from all the users.

Jerome 2014/15 — Created the catalog and signage for the 2014/15 Jerome Emerging Artists Exhibition hosted at Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

Photography by Lindsey Kusterman

Pitchfork Media — Worked on several of Pitchfork’s editorial graphics that were used for Pitchforks daily features. They included artists like Soulja Boy, Young Thug, Galcher Lustwerk, and others.

Beta v.1 — A newsprint publication about the infancy of the Internet.

Collaboration with Stephen Lurvey, David W. Johanson, Nouhtrang Thao, and Isaac Ruder

Jerome 15/16 Postcard — Designed to announce the opening of the Jerome Foundation Fellowships for Emerging artist.

Not In Service — Is a publication dependent on a collection of interviews from Chicago graffiti writers. By reading the stories and looking at the photos, one can get a basic insight of what truly occurs on the streets of Chicago as a Graffiti Artist.

Special thanks to Tyler & D.G

McKnight 2015 — Animation & postcard designed to announce the opening of the 2015 McKnight Visual Artist Fellowship application round. Designed to identify and support outstanding mid-career Minnesota artists.

The Radical Spread of Ebola — Is a data-visualization emphasizing the recent virus that swept countless victims in Africa. It focuses on the idea of how drastically the virus spread in a mere span of months. The distortion of type that occurs is to show awareness of the death-rate.

Misc Projects — A variety of projects completed between 2014–Present.